i always thought i had it in me it turns out i don't really. but some people do some people write and then deserve to be read and some of those have been to amsterdam. those of those who have been to amsterdam have probably been shot by me. with a photo-producing soul-capturing click-going contraption that is. may 15th to 20th the amsterdam literary festival descended upon the city like a winged thing a thing of beauty a thing like a... a thing a... oh i told you i don't have it.

generous spirits known to gentiles as organisers took me in as the festival's official photographer special badge hanging from my neck and all oh i feel so grown up now my first ever assignment little me is a big man now and so on. and so the festival began to swirl around me so fast that capturing it on camera required high iso brief shutter speed as high an aperture as possible and some postprocessing. but inspecting the net and having thrown away all the tin cans and algae there stood in full glory john hegley and his ukulele

and stella duffy's hypnotic breaststrokes

and atlas launched through space by amal and sudeep

and extravagant insanity befitting the city

and dark and damp and disco catacombes

and so much so much so much more.
and then it came to pass that the glory of the temple was invaded by poetry and prose and lo and behold a curtain the hue of tar descended from heaven to hide the inscrutable ways of the festival from those not willing to pay a ticket.

halt. i have clicked much more than i have shown in this oh so very uncannily horizontal collection - attention span oblige - and i have seen much more than i have clicked and i remember much more than i have seen.
do drop by next year for dessert.


É demais

édemaispáagorajáchega ouvenãojácheganãopodenãopossomais estoucansadopá
chega não nãopáchega bolasagorajáédemais


Foi bonita a festa pá

30.4.07, koninginnedag, eng. queen's day.
mode of usage:

- dazzle

- parade
- display
- bargain
- amass
- litter
- flee