não me queixo mas é que não
estou aqui estou no japão
e enquanto lá estiver
façam favor de vir ver
se coloco aqui um póste
algo de jeito ou alguma bóste
se puser é bom sinal
se não puser não faz mal
vou partir e vou na brasa
façam de conta qu'estão em vossa casa
guess i should have got a fan
i shall soon be in japan
while i go and get back here
do make sure you will draw near
check if there is any news
of pickpockets or a cruise
if i can i will drop by
share a laugh or share a sigh
all the world is mine to roam
so just make yourselves at home


Questions in the shade

the joint-venture of profecy and interpretation, dogma has it that questions reside in the shade.
"thus spake herlindo the holy guru of antioch: 'lo (ok?) and behold, see you not the shadow of the question-mark and the fashion in which it covers the sun?'."
centuries down the line, ed velhinho the zenith of hermeneutics announced 'eureka, questions are in the shade'. at present, junior and less inspired scholars, eager of fame and fortune, quarrel in two camps of further interpretation. 'questions melt', say some. 'questions have sensitive skin, possibly freckles', contend the others.
'questions are in the shade'. and yet, one look through the window will reveal the city lamps all ablaze in broad daylight. and the first warm light of the month too. in the fleeting shade of a passing cloud, irreverent spirits demand justification. '1984 is past and long gone, is it the intention of the authorities to dissipate shade? to dissipate questions? to dissipate opposition? what is in sto' (interruption as sunlight returns, but presently a new cloud appears) 're for us the people? what dark business is at hand? how much does a litre of extra virgin olive oil go for these days? who is responsible for this outrageous waste of energy, and what about the ozone layer? how do i look? is this real silk or are'
and instantly summer arrives solid (if brief), no clouds in sight and the lamps all shining, and like a herd the populace moves to the seashore, unquestioning of the blackness of the sand, the propriety of topless, the concrete on the dunes, the price of icecream, the ridicule of many a bikini blockprinted with orange flowers and bright green hummingbirds on an acid yellow background.



know thyself om nama shivaya
tommy is a dog she must be male
your eyelids are heavy you're feeling tired you're feeling sleepy you're you're snap
blondes prefer men
violets are violet oranges are orange greens are green icecubes can be blue
i was sleeping just before i woke up
!enif eb ll'uoy dna eit a no tup
it was not the doctor's fault
you're almost perfect we're almost perfect look around you it's almost perfect
it pays to unbelong
they're next to nothing (nothing's breath stinks)
care we
hay is to be what bee is to see and she is to me
i hope you didn't hope you'd see the light shivaya om nama