on this, the night of prodigies
when daytime reaches its summit and some up north tan in their sleep
on this, the night of prodigies
when at the stroke of a whistle a roaring pride of orange lions metamorphosed into benign sheep

on this, the night of prodigies - as i was saying - i take my leave.
the orient (oh you racist you, how dare you, you neocolonialist swine you) awaits.


Pen sun doe

são duas e vinte e sete da matina, por acaso não fulge lua nenhuma, e eu tenho estado a ler sobre didáctica de língua estrangeira para adultos. mas por mais empolgante que seja a tarefa, foi necessária esta cantiguinha para me convencer da pertinência do assunto.
'ass taz pear d.n. dwell t.m. poe pen sun doe pen sun doe'


Postcard from Dresden

dear barbara-anne,

greetings from dresden, germany. i hope everything's ok back there in san antonio. i sure miss watching the spurs, these guys here have no clue about basketball. yesterday someone won some soccer match and they all went bonkers, honking and drinking and shouting all night long.
i arrived two days ago, to blazing sun - you gotta love the tropics. the town is very purty, i've already seen like all the tourist spots and taken all the tourist pictures, so now i don't need to move an inch. moving an inch might even be deadly, mind you, because here bikes ride on the sidewalks and you step off the tram directly onto the road - man, it's like so backward here! so now i just lounge in the sun all day long sipping like apfelschorle and stuff. i got tickets for a concert at the opera this evening (booooring, the things a tourist has to go through in good ol' europe!), but i'm so relaxed writing this postcard right now that i'll be late for sure. never mind, i'm sure they won't start on time, i heard they're all like that here in europe. except for the brits. but i won't be doing britain this time round.
alright, time to go. you must be wondering 'how can this guy squeeze so much text on a tiny little postcard like this?'. well, it's a gift. i sure hope you've got a magnifying glass.
take care,



Eu vou!

a macau