Ring ring

estou sim? good afternoon sir am i speaking to mister [enter proper noun, +human, +male]? yes, [enter proper noun, +human, +male] speaking. sir i am calling from [enter brand name, +air-carrier, +trying-to-be-all-modern-fun-and-alternative] i apologise sir but your flight to [enter proper noun, -human, +attractive-city] on wednesday had to be cancelled and we will have to re-book you would you like to leave two days earlier or two days later? i... well, i... mm, in fact... would monday be suitable for you sir? well, i guess... if there's no... guess it'd have to be monday, i... i will book you on monday then sir thank you. i will send you an updated itinerary by email later today is that alright sir? well, i... thank you sir have a nice day sir and thank you for flying [enter brand name, +air-carrier, +trying-to-be-all-modern-fun-and-alternative].


Salomão says

o coração alegre é bom remédio, mas o espírito abatido faz secar os ossos.

a cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

provérbs 17.22

nada a acrescentar. full stop.