to mum
i'm off to india, don't even attempt to stop me.
but never you fear,
you can follow me here.
phir milenge.



mike mike asks:
'What is the face of London, New York, Paris? What does a Londoner, a New
Yorker, a Parisian look like?'
and a lisboeta
and an istanbullu
and a carioca?
face of tomorrow is an excit
ing photographic project attempting to re
construct the mean
face of our cities. my gift today is knowledge. of it.
visit the project at www.faceoftomorrow.com, match your face against your city's face if it has been covered, play along if it has not. and discount your own facial asymmetry, will you? you're not as perfect as you think.



Barbarella: Why would anybody want to invent a weapon? I mean, the universe has been pacified for centuries… sir.
President: What we know of it. The trouble is, we don't know anything about Tau Ceti or its inhabitants.
Barbarella: You mean they could still be living in a primitive state of neurotic irresponsibility?
President: Precisely.
Barbarella: Something must be done!
President: Yes. And you are the girl who must do it.
Barbarella: Why me?
President: You're a five-star, double-rated astronomicatrix. Your mission, then. Find Durand Durand, and use all of your incomparable talents to preserve the security of the stars.

Dildano: Our rendezvous point will be at 1600 hours. And our password will be… 'Llanfairpwllgwynllgogerychwyrndrobwlllantysiliogogogoch'.
Barbarella: You mean the secret 'Llanfairpwllgwynllgogerychwyrndrobwlllantysiliogogogoch'?
Dildano: Exactly.



ese post. with apologies to no
ofereço-vos génia. cançã. humora. tremura. liçã. classa. brasila. nêga. batida. fricçã. exempla. ritma. elis regina.
instruções: ouvir com a) alto som, b) calma, c) olhos fechados, e d) flexibilidade do pescoço:
nêga do cabelo duro
qual é o pen tch-k-tch penteia?
qual é o pen tch-k-tch penteia?
qual é o pen tch-k-tch penteia?
teu cabelo está na moda
e o teu corpo bamboleia
minha nêga, meu amor
qual é o pen tch-k-tch penteia ó nêga?



onde é que aprendi azedume? tell me where i'
ve learnt bitterness. i don't me rec
ordo de atirar com os papéis ao chão ou burp whi
le people speak to me. why then dou com
igo a franzir o sobro
lho, porque é que i catalogue all of a sudden? what, finally, is the
of relaxation? em tempos soube não saber
tudo. ontem ao acordar já
não sabia não

and while you read this, i'm laughing
at you. and while you read this, i'm probably a
sleep. while you read this, i don't
know it.


Sem cortinas

today i offer you institution
bank account: 73 76 81 311
debit card number: 8255
credit card number: 7472 9053 2587 1711
valid through: 02/2007
cvc: 994
passport number: t183370
issued on: 05/03/2004
issued in: den haag, nederland
criminal registry: 013326/97
identification archive: coimbra, portugal
i.d. number: 11049886
issued on: 13/08/1998
tax-payer card number: 844729510
voting card number: 35391
you should
know the na



gitanjali - 'song offerings'.
rabindranath tagore wa
s born in calcu
tta in 1861. he was the first asian author to ever be granted the
nobel prize for l
iterature. given here is an english translation from
bengali made by tagore himself. th
e port
ese translation is my own, from english. m
ind the recommended sound track, a minimalist masterpie
ce by
philip glass.
nr. 70
'Is it beyond thee to be glad with the gladness of this rythm? To be tossed and lost and broken in the whirl of this fearful joy?
All things rush on, they stop not, they look not behind, no power can hold them back, they rush on.
Keeping steps with this restless, rapid music, seasons come dancing and pass away - colours, tunes, and perfumes pour in endless cascades in the abounding joy that scatters and gives up and dies every moment.'
'Será que não consegues alegrar-te com a alegria deste ritmo? Seres empurrada e perderes-te e partires-te no remoinho desta alegria aterradora?
Todas as coisas avançam, não param, não olham para trás, não há poder que as impeça, elas avançam.
Ao ritmo desta música rápida e frenética, as estações chegam em passo de dança e passam - cores, melodias e perfumes jorram em cascatas infinitas na abundante felicidade que se espraia e desiste e morre a cada instante.'
sound track recomendada:
(espera: is it what it?
listen to it again, mais um
a vez.
it is)



prepare not to be uplifted. this is a g
ame, nothing less, forgive me the pretentiousness. i take it as my re
to frustrate your expectations, forçar-vos a ler nas entrelinhas and
make you laugh when you're about
to cry. and turn red when you th
ought you would rela
x. and relax when you feel like adrenaline.
er i fail to d
o s
o you should mock me - dar-me nas orelhas é o j
usto preço.