vota oferenda. oferenda a presidente
oferenda pa sã bento, oferenda páutarquia
oferenda sempre, idade média nunca mais
isto sim é voto útil
oferenda pó tacho


Eurasian fish

say you're an istanbulu fish swimming free in the bosphorus nibbling on this in asia nibbling on that in europe discharging your offspring on both continents. make no mistake. cosmopolitanism won't shelter you from life as usual oh no sir-slash-madam.

as you nonchalantly make your way up the golden horn, you're likely to be caught by one those nonchalant fishermen on the bridge. and then you'll be displayed your freshness examined by callous hands your worth violated in loud haggling.

in a while you'll find yourself under some fragrant hamam steam. in a cooking pot. you're a fish - don't forget - and as destiny would have it fish often end up as someone's late afternoon meal. death as usual.



in the dark lurks a black deity and don't you forget. behind the metal wall before the metal war in gloomy garden sheds beneath every stiff petal of the compass rose. under the sand of the gobi and the sand of the negev throbbing in the clangor of coins ahead of every torch and in its wake between the closed pages of holy books there breeds a pustule of upcoming defeat. don't look so shocked. please please don't look so shocked. the inside of every living skull after all lies in permanent shade.